So Jess Sew - Rebecca Page Keeley Cardigan

I've always wanted to have a duster cardigan. So when I saw that the RP Keeley Cardigan had a midi option, I was all about it! It's winter and I wear this a lot. True confession, I wear my bathrobe around the house when I'm cold. So if the doorbell rings, I have to throw my bathrobe off to answer the door not to look like I'm still in my pajamas in the afternoon! As you can tell, this baby was much needed. It's so warm. Cute to layer under a jacket with leggings and then your backside still stays warm and covered!

I didn't make any alterations to the fit and just made the size that fits my arms and upper body since I didn't want to add buttons on this make. The sleeves are set in, but with the loose sweater knit I used, it gives it a drop sleeve look. If you used a more stable knit, they would sit right up where they are supposed to. The pattern does have the options for a shorter length, buttons down the front, and a side vent.

The fabric is sweater knit that I scored from Walmart at a buck a yard. This longer version does take about 2 yards or so depending on your height and size, but so worth it. I've gotten a ton of complements while wearing it. It can glam up a simple outfit quickly.

The pattern is located HERE on the Rebecca Page website if you are interested in seeing it there! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Sewing!!

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