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I just love that George and Ginger puts out these unique patterns that are so fun. This is the GG Slash Tunic. It comes in 3 lengths - tunic, mid, and long. This is the mid length and comes down to just above the knees. The tunic length is about mid thigh and long length swirls around the calves. I made my version with 3/4 length sleeves in a 2-way stretch sweater knit I picked up at a super bargain price of $1/yd in a Wal-Mart bundle. I actually bought two of the same bundles because I liked the fabric so much! A great bonus to using a 2 way stretch knit instead of a 4 way stretch knit is that sewing down the front along the slits can be done with a regular straight stitch!

There are two slit heights to this pattern. The top slit height is the "daring" height, meaning it shows a bit more skin. I actually did the lower slit, but with no vertical stretch to the fabric and a long torso, I achieved daring anyway!

I really need some new boots. So, just ignore my clunky feet! I wanted to make a note about the neckband. Since this is a sweater knit with less stretch than say rayon spandex or dbp, I cut the neckband about an inch longer than the pattern suggested, and it came out much better than if I had left it at the suggested length. In other words, be aware of the fabric types you are using. As a home sewist, we don't have the luxury of someone else picking and testing the fabrics before we sew them!

Here's the back. No slits back there. With leggings especially, this would look like a dress from the back.

By the way, this is kid approved! No really, check it out! ;)

You can find the George and Ginger Slash Tunic on the GG website HERE. It is on sale for the month of September (2019) if you love it!

Happy Sewing

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