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A lot of firsts for me on this sew. First woven skirt, first time adding a zipper to a garment (I actually only sewed in one zipper prior, and it was for a pencil case in junior high!), first time sewing darts, and first time testing for Designer Stitch Patterns. But here's my Allie Wrap Skirt!

This pattern has four different faux wrap overlay options. I chose to make the asymmetric hemline with button option. There are also options for a large grommet overlay, a tie overlay, and a small laced grommet.

Firstly, I want to say that I am really impressed with the drafting from this designer as well as the awesome knowledgeable feedback during the test. We were asked to make a muslin first and I'm glad I did, since I somehow ended up the top of the skirt being 3 inches too big! The designer took one look at my fit pic shown below and said, that's sitting way too low. What's your waist measurement... How did I make such a big error!  After measuring everything from the pattern itself including darts, seam allowances, etc. and adding it all up, I realized that I had sewed the darts slightly too small, but also I had also cut the front too long. It matters so much more with woven garments. I had cut the correct pattern size, but from there made those mistakes.  I made all the fixes to my muslin, and then was extremely careful when cutting out the actual skirt.

I got this skirt fabric from wal-mart for 1.50/yd. It's a lightweight sueded fabric. This skirt pattern actually has 5 different overlay options on the front. After cutting out the button front option, I realized that one of the swooping options probably would have worked better for this fabric. But I pressed the bajeezers out of it and everything lays nice and flat now.

I chose to style the outfits for pics two ways. One in a more formal, business casual type outfit. And the other casual with a plain white tee and flats. I wish I worked somewhere where I could wear it that fun buisnessy way! For now, I'm a SAHM, so casual will be the way I go. But how fun is this skirt all dressed up!!

Anyway, check out the rest of the Allie Wrap Skirt overlay styles on the website HERE

I plan on making a jean skirt with this pattern next. Want to see more of my sews? You can also check out my sewing profile on instagram -

Happy Sewing!

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